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sustainably manufactured apparel that

supports personal, social & ecological well being.

Apparel manufacturing is a significant source of waste and pollution that directly affects our health.

Cotton--sold as "the fabric of your life"--is one of the world's

                                            most heavily treated crops with carcinogenic chemicals and pesticides. 

25% of the world's insecticides are used to grow conventional cotton (1/3 lb per t-shirt).

1800 gallons of water are required to grow cotton for 1 pair of jeans & 400 gallons for 1 t-shirt.

Other toxins used in production of cotton and synthetics (such as

polyester, acrylics & rayon) include bleach, heavy metal/petrochemical dyes,

formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and perflourinated chemicals (PFCs). 

Are your clothes making you sick?

Why is the only thing we all have to do every day before leaving home still

missing from sustainability conversations, classrooms, curricula & conferences?

We invite you to discover how good & healthy clothing can be...

Experience the best blends of organic cotton, hemp, soy, silk, bamboo, wool & recycled fibers, 

to prevent pollution, conserve resources, promote fair trade & social justice.  

We've been a destination for 4 generations from near & far whom
we proudly serve with exquisite layers of sustainability.
We'll make it easier for you to get dressed, look better than you have to, &
more comfortable than you've ever been~with less clothing.

Having featured over 100 designers~local, regional, domestic & international~
we recently tripled sales of products designed & handmade in Michigan

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